Requirements of integrity and professionalism

In order to ensure the sound and prudent management of the Bank and, in particular, the proper functioning of the Corporate bodies, members of the Intesa Sanpaolo Management Board – as representatives of a quoted bank – must meet the specific requirements of integrity and professionalism in compliance with current pro tempore laws and regulations. The integrity requirement aims to ensure that the Bank can rely on Corporate bodies composed of individuals of proven honesty and moral integrity. At the same time, in terms of professionalism, these individuals are expected to have successfully practised the profession for at least three years through qualified activity relevant to the office covered. Loss of the aforementioned requirements leads to lapse of the post. More specifically, in accordance with laws in force, the Chairman of the Management Board is required to have a total of at least five years’ experience in the aforementioned professional activities, while the Managing Director is required to have specific management experience in a position of high responsibility, given his fundamental role in managing the company.