Protection of free competition

In 2009, Intesa Sanpaolo adopted a policy of compliance with European Union competition law which was approved by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Management Board and Supervisory Board at the end of 2009. The Policy aims to prevent breaches by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group of the rules for the protection of free competition and to allow the Group to reap the rewards of sound antitrust enforcement at all organisational levels.
The policy is but a part of a broader antitrust compliance programme which is being implemented at the Group level and which, in 2009, led to:

  • the establishment of an Antitrust team - a specialinternal team charged with ensuring compliance of antitrust rules and to refer to in case of doubts or concerns regarding compliance with antitrust laws of any document and/or behaviour, i.e. should any doubts arise regarding an actual or potential violation;
  • the organisation of a series of training initiatives for staff through specific courses, which will officially begin in 2010.