Mission and Values

We work to provide quality banking and financial services to our customers and activate ways to promote development in all the areas where we operate.
Conscious of the value of our activity in Italy and abroad, we promote a style of growth that is attentive to sustainable results and the creation of a process based on the trust deriving from customer and shareholder satisfaction, a sense of belonging on the part of our employees and close monitoring of the needs of the community and the local area.
We compete on the market with a sense of fair play and are ready to cooperate with other economic entities, both private and public, whenever necessary to reinforce the overall capacity for growth of the economies of the countries in which we operate.
We take responsibility for prudent savings management, we undertake to widen the access to credit and financial instruments to everyone, and the sustainable development of the entrepreneurial system, being aware that our decisions have important impacts, direct and indirect, on the natural environment and the community. We want to contribute to the wellbeing (not only material) of both by sustaining and carrying out cultural projects and others that are for the common good.
Our growth strategy aims at creating solid and sustainable values from economic and financial, social and environmental points of view, built on the trust of all our stakeholders and based on the following values:

Integrity Integrity

We pursue our goals with honesty, fairness and responsibility in the full and true respect of the rules and professional ethics and in the spirit of signed agreements

Excellence Excellence

We set ourselves the goal of continuous improvement, farsightedness, anticipating challenges, cultivating extensive creativity aimed at innovation; moreover we recognise and reward merits.

Transparency Transparency

We are committed to making transparency the basis of our actions, advertising and contracts in order to allow all our stakeholders to make independent and informed decisions.

Respect for specific qualitiesRespect for specific qualities

It is our intention to combine large-scale operations with profound local roots and to be a bank with a broad vision, without losing sight of individuals.


We are committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination from our conduct and to respect differences in sex, age, race, religion, political and union persuasions, language or disability.

Values of the individualValues of the individual

The value of each single person is a guide for our modus operandi: we use listening and dialogue as tools for continuously improving our relationships with all our stakeholders.

Responsibility in the use of resourcesResponsibility in the use of resources

We aim to use all our resources attentively, promote behaviour based on the best use of resources and the avoidance of waste and ostentation, and we give priority to choices that take sustainability into account.