Reports of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics

During 2009, 64 reports concerning possible breaches of the provisions of the Code of Ethics by the Bank were received, the majority of which – as regards relations with current customers – were linked to problems regarding physical access to Branch premises or the external ATM machines, or in the use of advanced IT devices or, lastly, in relations with staff.
Other complaints were received in relation to the policy adopted by the Group regarding financing for companies operating in the arms sector; via the communication channels, reports submitted by staff employed by Group companies were received regarding mobbing or other aspects of internal relations.

Stakeholder 2009 2008
Customers 45 40
Employees 17 4
Communities 2
Total 64 44

The CSR Unit handled individual non-compliance reports and is in constant contact with the Control Committee of the Supervisory Board on the application status of the Code.