Stakeholder engagement

For the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the institutionalised forms of stakeholder engagement are occasions for listening and dialogue that are essential for understanding the level of satisfaction of its stakeholders in relation to the work carried out by the Bank.

For certain Departments, stakeholder engagement is at the heart of the work they carry out – for example, to name but a few, customer satisfaction, the office of Relations with Consumer Associations and the Investor Relations service. Furthermore, for three years, the CSR Unit has been promoting ways of engagement that are focused on social and environmental responsibility.

In particular in 2009, the CSR Unit has been working along two specific lines:

  • the integration of sustainability issues in traditional and institutional involvement forms.
  • planning new forms of listening and dialogue, along with the Departments involved, that are focused on sustainability issues.

The launch of this process was founded on the principles of the new AA1000APS standards issued in 2008 by AccountAbility (the London-based international institute for applied research on CSR issues - which, in its three principles of inclusion, materiality and responsiveness, identifies the pillars on which a truly effective and strategic stakeholder engagement should be built. Notably:

  • Inclusion meaning promoting stakeholder engagement in developing and attaining a responsible and strategic response to sustainability;
  • Materiality meaning understanding the relevance and importance that an issue holds for an organisation and its stakeholders;
  • Responsiveness consisting in providing an adequate response to issues raised by stakeholders which are related with performance and which are arrived at through decisions, actions and results as well as through engaging stakeholders in dialogue.