Stakeholder engagement initiatives in 2009

In 2009, the following stakeholders were engaged with these objectives:

  • Employees and trade unions on the issue of attributing value to people and the quality of life in the Company, which emerged as critical issues in the 2008 focus groups (8 focus groups in regional departments, 2 in Head Office Departments and 1 with the trade unions);
  • Individual Customers to evaluate their level of satisfaction in accessing loans to finance university studies. In implementing this initiative, the CSR Unit worked with the Customer Satisfaction Unit which conducted an analysis on a group of young graduates/students and parents (the results of 1,500 web questionnaires distributed to young people aged between 18 and 35 and 500 parents were collected), and 200 telephone interviews to Intesa Sanpaolo Bridge product customers.
  • Multiethnic point and Corner Rosa customer managers on the issue of financial inclusion which emerged as a strategic issue in the Multistakeholder Forum (11 interviews);
  • Large and middle-sized corporate Boxcustomers on how the Bank can support them in facing the challenges of sustainability in the sectors in which they operate such as emission reductions, internalisation processes implemented with sustainability criteria, respect for human rights, etc. (16 interviews with corporate managers);
  • Consumer associations in order to assess the effectiveness of measures put in place by Intesa Sanpaolo to tackle the crisis – for example the renegotiation of mortgages, agreements with category associations in support of SMEs, etc. (8 interviews).

A summary of the initiatives undertaken in the last three years by Intesa Sanpaolo to achieve the improvement targets for 2007-2009 is hereby given.
Totally, listening and engagement initiatives with employees and trade unions have involved 24 focus groups with employees, three with trade unions and a questionnaire sent out to 6,000 employees. As for customers, a questionnaire was sent out to all the Consumer Associations. Additionally, we conducted eight interviews with the Consumer Associations, six focus groups with household and small business customers, six interviews with multiethnic point managers, five interviews with Corner Rosa managers, 16 interviews with large and middle-sized corporate customers and one customer satisfaction survey on the youth segment for a total of 2,200 contacts.