In a year of severe international recession, Intesa Sanpaolo has proven itself to be one of the strongest banking groups in the world, maintaining truly outstanding levels of liquidity, asset quality and leverage. On the whole, the first three years of the Group marked a period of growth that could not have been reached had the business plan, which gave birth to Intesa Sanpaolo, not shown itself to be fully viable on several fronts: that of corporate governance and the functionality of a dual management model; the supervision of its business and the organisational model of the Banca dei Territori and, lastly, the speed at which the integration of operations and the information systems was completed.
The results clearly confirmed our choice of being a bank attentive to local needs and our relationship with the economic players who are rooted and who operate locally offering the skills of an international player.
Aware that 2010, from a macroeconomic perspective, will be a year of delicate transition on which weigh uncertainties related to the presence of large margins of unused production capacity, high levels of unemployment and the delicate situation of public finances in many industrialised countries, Intesa Sanpaolo confirms its strategies, intent on developing its main areas of activity offered to the different types of our customers, over the next three years.

The Bank intends to follow four strategies:

  • Enhance the quality of relations with our 20 million existing customers. Listening to their needs and being transparent and reliable partners will be the hallmark of our closeness to families and businesses;
  • Increasingly involve and listen to the over 100 thousand people who work for the Group. The ability to strengthen management at all levels of the Company is the true competitive driving force of businesses;
  • Further innovate our commercial offer; the quality of service is based on the ability to know what our customers need in advance and offer innovative solutions that can also meet emerging social needs;
  • Simplify organisation and relations; Value people’s quality of life by simplifying procedures, language and the ways of interacting with customers, employees and all those who have dealings with the Bank.

Sustainability, which is the cornerstone of the sense of responsibility we have assumed towards all the communities in which we operate, will pervade all our Bank’s activities.