The Environmental Management System

An ISO 14001 certified Environmental  Management System is in force for the management of the most significant environmental aspects: energy consumption and relative polluting emissions, the  production and management of waste, paper consumption, the limiting of harmful substances and maintenance activities of technological systems.Mitigating the impacts on environment The correct implementation of the Environmental Management System, which also aims to reach pre-set improvement goals, is ensured not only by regular internal and external audits, but also by on-going training and initiatives to raise awareness among all personnel involved both directly and indirectly (for example by holding periodic meetings with suppliers and contractors).
The System is certified at 161 sites – up 29 compared to the previous year (based on certifications at the start of 2010).

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Intesa Sanpaolo won the Innovazione Amica dell’Ambiente (Innovation Friend of the Environment) 2009 award “Green Economy: percorsi e soluzioni per un nuovo sviluppo”...>>