CommunityThe support and attention granted to projects and the expectations of individuals,
companies and those working to develop the communities in which we operate are a characteristic feature of our activities. In this sense, activity has been developed by our banks and by Banca Prossima which, founded at the end of 2007, is dedicated to Third sector organisations and acts as a promoter to facilitate initiatives in the non-profit sector.
We have continued our work in support of micro-finance projects and usury prevention
initiatives, for which we have co operated with foundations and local nonprofit
organisations (NPO’s).
With regard to donations and sponsorships, the main inspiring principle was to actively
participate in local community life, offering support to the more important initiatives
in terms of social, cultural and sports solidarity. We also gave our support to international
cooperation projects of important humanitarian significance. Initiatives supporting the protection of Italy’s historic and artistic heritage have been numerous, as were those to make theGroup’s own artistic heritage available to the public.