Editorial initiatives

The Bank’s commitment to two important editorial projects in terms of production and circulation continued in 2009:

  • the Vox Imago series, a multimedia editorialmusic project – in two versions: the box collection with book, DVD and two or more CDs and the DVD-CD digipack, consists in a reading and technological study of an opera selected from the performances during the opera season at La Scala in Milan. Given the combined theme, this project lends itself to becoming a gift from the Bank for all Intesa Sanpaolo organisations in Italy and abroad. In 2009 the sixth work in the 2009 series was Il viaggio a Reims by Gioachino Rossini, with theatrical direction by Luca Ronconi and musical direction by Ottavio Dantone.
  • the series “Musei e Gallerie di Milano”, for scientific and protection purposes, is a systematic exploration of local art heritage that is publicly owned or for public use, which, since its launch in 1973, has published 67 books with contributions from hundreds of specialists. The latest volume, produced by twenty-seven experts, discusses the Ambrosiana Picture Gallery, in particular the “Raccolte archeologiche. Sculture, tomo V”.

The production of these complex projects has led to the definition of a four-year plan which aims to achieve important benefits in quality and economic terms.
Within an historic-economic context, the publication of L’Istituto Mobiliare Italiano 1931-1998, edited by Giorgio Lombardo and Vera Zamagni, followed, to complete the series on the history of the IMI, in addition to the Cambridge University Press publication of a digital version of the 1993 Mattioli Lectures.
Constant efforts to make all publications available to everyone has driven Intesa Sanpaolo to review the distribution methods, preferring public reading venues (libraries, universities, all levels and categories of schools) and also envisaging a subsequent inclusion in the commercial bookstore circuit.
Always with a view to safeguarding and making public its document heritage and library, the Bank collaborated with the Biblioteca Pinacoteca Accademia Ambrosiana, Fondazione Feltrinelli – to which online publication of the writings of Leo Valiani was permitted – and the Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI, the Italian Banking Association).
Patronage, the management of art works and art publications are ways in which the Italian banks can also express their cultural activities. In this context, the catalogue of banks’ art publications, promoted by ABI and its member banks – including Intesa Sanpaolo – covers every topic that gives form and content to Italian history and culture, including rare and priceless works that find no place in art publications under normal profitmaking rules.
Moreover, collaboration with the ABI also led to promotion of the touring exhibition “I nuovi mecenati”, with a selection of art volumes documenting the artistic and cultural value of these publications in Italy and abroad.
This event, already organised in 50 exhibition venues worldwide, saw the contribution of 70 books from various Group banks. Another important step was the enhancement of the new Library of Alexandria in Egypt, which aims to collect the entire Mediterranean “knowledge”, to which Intesa Sanpaolo has donated a carefully chosen selection of edited books, accepting the invitation of UNESCO and the Institute of Italian Culture in Cairo. The initiative ended in Beirut (Lebanon), the world book capital in 2009.