International solidarity

International solidarity In the international solidarity field in particular, support for Project Malawi continued with direct donations to the individual organisations involved, different according to the progress status of the plan of action.
In addition, a significant contribution was made to the purchase of surgical laser equipment for the paediatrics department of one of the leading eye hospitals in Moscow.

Lastly, among the action taken in this field was the humanitarian project launched by our Croatian bank PBZ in November 2009 with the Pontifical Mission Societies. “Perform a miracle and save a child’s life” is an initiative to help children in the Congo Democratic Republic, particularly the malnutrition centre for children at the Ifendula Luhwinya General Hospital and Caritas centres in the archdiocese of Bukavu.
After the Bank’s initial donation, fund raising continued through the branch network and other companies in the PBZ Group.

More limited support action for poor countries addressed the fields of university youth education and other education activities (crèches and school equipment), agricultural development for family support (water supplies, well construction, startup of intensive local farming) and health (paediatric support, antiviral care for eye diseases, supply of hospital and medical instruments) to a variety of organisations active in missionary work and cooperation.