Religious field

In the religious field, significant donations were made to the Vicariato per la Promozione della Cultura e Istituzioni Culturali of the Curia Diocesana in Brescia to complete renovation works on the Diocese Historic Archives, to the Collegio Oblati Missionari in Rho (MI) for restructuring works on the house of worship and guest quarters, to the Fondazione Benedetto XVI pro matrimonio et familia in Rome (a study grant for private and religious training on family relations), to the Santuario Arcivescovile San Giuseppe in Milan, organisational costs for the papal visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Brescia and Concesio as a tribute to Pope Paul VI, study grants to worthy and needy students of the Theology Department for Northern Italy in Milan, for the annual international ecumenical council on orthodox spiritualism at the Monastery in Bose (BI), and for renovation of the recreation centre in the arish of Sacro Cuore di Gesù in Lissone (MB).
Numerous other contributions were made by several Group banks to local Caritas Diocesane charity organisations.