Media relations

The definition and management of Group communications with the community and the media is performed by the Media Relations Service. The main objective is to communicate the Group’s initiatives of strategic and operational importance (economic and financial targets and results, product and financial service launches, cultural or social initiatives, values and commitment to support development of the country) to all stakeholders, guaranteeing maximum transparency.
The information is made available through the special section of the Group website. This section, updated each day, also contains photographs and biographies of top management and press releases.
Individuals or entities can also subscribe to a mailing-list to receive press releases and information about major corporate events directly by e-mail or mobile phone. There is also an option for requesting that documentation be mailed to the user’s home address.
Intesa Sanpaolo is a member of the UPA (Advertising Users’ Union) and has therefore adopted the “Advertising code of self-discipline” promoted by the IAP (Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria – Advertising Self-discipline Institute), which aims to ensure that advertising is always transparent, truthful and accurate. All advertising channels are centrally managed by the Advertising and Web Office of the External Relations Department.
Lastly, in relation to investment product advertising, all scripts are submitted to the Legal Affairs Department and Compliance Department and disclosed to Consob to assess their compliance with regulations and with the principles of accuracy and transparency.

Press Releases 761
Press conference 184
Product presentations and initiatives 130