Support for social enterprise

Action in support of social enterprise continued, for example, through participation in non-profit organisations (PAN – Progetto Asili Nido, AL.FA un’ALtra FAmiglia dopo di noi and Fondazione Talenti) and the development of forms of supplementary welfare (Welfare Lecco).

PAN – Progetto Asili Nido, AL.FA un’ALtra FAmiglia dopo di noi – Crèche Project

In 2004 we set up PAN – Progetto Asili Nido as a joint project with the leading Italian social enterprise networks CGM Consorzio Nazionale della Cooperazione Sociale Gino Mattarelli (the National Consortium for Social Cooperation), FIS Federazione dell’Impresa Sociale di Compagnia delle Opere and DROM – Legacoop). PAN is a non-profit consortium that simplifies the setup of new crèches and nursery facilities, accompanying the organisers through all the startup phases. Under its own trademark PAN also guarantees high quality, economically sustainable standards (approved by a technical and scientific committee).
Banca Prossima provides loans for the restructuring and retrofit of the premises (up to 100,000 euro) and to purchase and upgrade furnishings (up to 50,000 euro), without the need for real or personal guarantees. Families who use PAN services are able to rely upon a subsidised financing programme for the costs of the crèche of up to 18,000 euro.
As at the end of 2009, 370 crèches were PAN affiliates, caring for 10,000 children and providing around 2,100 jobs. From the start of the project until the end of 2009 approximately 5.3 million euro in loans has been granted for business startup and for furnishing purchases.

The Talenti Foundation (Fondazione Talenti)

Fondazione Talenti was set up in 2005 with Fondazione Cariplo, CGM and two religious organisations (C.I.S.M. and U.S.M.I.) in order to make the best use of real estate owned by religious orders and to develop welfare services in collaboration with social enterprise.
The Foundation places a qualified private social enterprise in contact with the under-used religious orders, and in collaboration with the organisations involved provides a variety of welfare services.
The Bank provides funding as initiative development support.
From its startup until the end of 2009 approximately 400 initiatives have been assessed, of which 53 completed and approximately 250 have reached implementation stage (crèches, university students, facilities for the disabled, sports, group and rehabilitation facilities).

AL.FA. – un’ALtra FAmiglia dopo di noi

AL.FA. – un’ALtra FAmiglia dopo di noi is a project which, varying the PAN experience, aims to establish new family homes for disabled people and to offer their families financial solutions for the “after us” phase.
Set up in 2007, AL.FA. was the first social enterprise in Italy with bank participation and involves the highest qualified partners in the sector: ANFFAS, the main association for families of the disabled and Consorzio CGM’s Comunità Solidali.
AL.FA. has developed a quality manual defining the quality standards for services provided to guests of residential homes.
For families worried about the future of a disabled relative, an insurance product has been designed which, with particularly favourable terms, builds a reserve of funds for the disabled relative in the “after us” phase.
To date 15 social enterprises have joined AL.FA., adopting the quality standards in management of the facilities.

Welfare Lecco

This was an initiative launched in 2007 with Fondazione della Provincia di Lecco Onlus to set up a local “social credit guarantee consortium”, the first of its kind in Italy.
The social enterprises operating services for people need to use buildings with high, longterm quality standards.
The Bank provides them with long-term mortgages at a low interest rate. Since the launch of the project around 40 million euro has been granted. A part of the resulting benefits is used by the guarantors to set up a guarantee fund for local level financing to start up innovative social services or to introduce new solutions for existing services.