Commitments for 2007-2009 and our achievements



Promotion of the Bank’s role in innovation and service excellence by focusing on the quality of customer relations in the long term

We have invested in developing internal processes to ensure quality in the delivery of our services, adopted a model of customer relations based on consultation to respond effectively to their needs and enhanced innovation as a key to development both for our collaborators and our customers.

Reinforcement of effective listening and dialogue enabling long term relationships with customers based on mutual trust to be maintained

We have involved nearly 350,000 clients  in customer satisfaction surveys and developed a structured process of engagement with all customer segments. We have created a new way of listening directly at our branches to solve problems and improve the quality of our service, and we have launched financial education projects in Italy and abroad.

Diversification of the commercial offer, focusing on quality products/services with a special focus on cost control

We have developed a complete range of products and services for the more vulnerable social groups: families facing hard times, young people, the elderly, unemployed workers and migrants, both in terms of funding and savings.

Promotion of the overall interests of the nation in collaboration with the main players of the areas in which the Group is present

At the end of 2009, the credit provided by the Group to Italy amounted to almost 500 billion euro in terms of credit lines granted, equivalent to about a third of GDP, of which 65% to SMEs. We partnered with medium and large companies to help develop their projects and assist in the restructuring operations imposed by the crisis, not only by means of credit but also through venture capital.

In the three-year period, medium-long term financing disbursed for setting up infrastructures and to support public administration projects amounted to some 17.5 billion euro.

Material issues for customers and consumer associations

The following chart illustrates the issues covered over the last three years during our listening and engagement activities with customers and consumer associations.

Material issues for customers