Some Projects

Ascolto Rete Project

EmployeesThe Ascolto Rete project, launched in February 2009, began as a collaboration initiative for maximising the ideas, skills and experience of colleagues in the network and speeding up the process of improvement and simplification of branch operations. A dedicated web portal at their disposal provides 20 thematic forums to which they can freely submit their proposals via e-mail. All proposals are selected by the Project Editors and those chosen are added to a plan of action that can be consulted by all colleagues. In 2009, 120 interventions, mainly IT in nature, though also training related, were carried out to improve, where necessary, understanding of procedures and processes, for a total financial commitment of over 1.1 million euro.


SEIok project

Quality is an explicit commitment by our Bank to customers. In 2009, the SEIok project (Intesa Sanpaolo System of Excellence) was launched with the goal of making customer expectations and satisfaction and the characteristics of the service rendered, measurable. This is an innovative quality management system which adds value to processes in an ever-continual attempt to achieve service excellence. The project is based on the fundamental principles outlined in external and internal rules governing professional ethics, fairness and transparency in operations, the use of suitable processes and procedures able to ensure efficient and effective delivery of customer service. The tools used are based on a dialogue that is simple and clear and that entails participation from and information to customers, on a positive approach and on the development of a new culture of quality.

The initiative spreads across 6 major “action projects”: regulatory definition of service processes and standards, the identification of specific performance indicators to be monitored, customer satisfaction surveys, listening to customers and employees projects and measures of continuous improvement.
The method is based on the vision the customer has of the overall services offered, identifying ourselves in their needs and expectations and recognising the key “moments of truth” that characterise our relationship with our customers when they enter the Bank, make use of our products and services and interact with their points of contact within the Bank. The analysis was developed within six main functions that fall under the Bank's responsibility for attaining customer satisfaction: reception, operational services, investment services, financial services, added value services, assistance. Specific service indicators have been identified for each function which are then gathered into a final score that becomes a true synthetic expression of a branch’s quality index.
To facilitate monitoring and the identification of critical issues to be tackled first, a quality ‘dashboard’ was created to monitor the progress of all the items that make up the quality index. The results of this monitoring activity will be included in 2010 in the employee reward system.

A new way of meeting companies and sharing values

In 2009 a new communications format was created targeted at Italian medium and large businesses. “Racconto Italiano” is a theatrical play, produced in collaboration with the Teatro Franco Parenti, which has brought to the stage in 11 Italian cities the Group’s values, responsibility and capacity to support the development of businesses and of Italy.
Quality of the relationshipGreat actors have given life to characters that hail from various Italian regions: stories of men and women who, in their different identities, jobs, ambitions and dreams, have in common the desire to do, to become entrepreneurs. Stories that are bearers of values such as creativity, imagination, enthusiasm, courage, competitiveness, the ability to listen and to see beyond appearance. Values that belong to the Italian companies and constitute a valuable heritage to be preserved and shared.