Listening to increasingly strengthen physical and anti-robbery security

Listening is a key element in the control of physical hazards, meaning risks of people illegally accessing the Bank’s buildings and branches in order to steal goods and values stored inside. Direct contact with the branch colleagues was maintained constantly as an important means of verifying risks, identifying corrective actions, broadening security measures, and increasing people’s awareness and involvement. Meetings with the Aree Territoriali of the Banca dei Territori intensified (68 meetings in 2009), with valuable information being collected for the simplification of the rules on security, to further facilitate the adoption of safe behaviour by colleagues. Also based on such listening, the physical security regulations that meet the need to simplify and standardise conduct by all employees, and good use of all security devices was unified for the entire Group.
The department that oversees the Group’s physical security is involved in on-going dialogues with trade unions on these issues: in 2009 51 meetings between the Bank and the trade union representatives were held to highlight the trend of criminal events and present the main strategies put in place to counteract them. During the year, territorial controls for this type of risks were intensified, with over 3,500 branch inspections (2,900 inspections in 2008).