Communication in the international subsidiary banks

The quarterly internal English language newsletter "What's Up" was distributed to the International Subsidiary Banks: it is produced by the in-house editorial team, with contributions from the various subsidiary banks which makes it an ideal meeting point between the Group entities.
The English language "Sharing Forum" for Division colleagues is a virtual place where community members share knowledge and "best practices". “News from the Group” is a selection of articles from the Group’s House Organ “Mosaico”, the intranet in Italy and news of interest from the International Subsidiary Banks Division that are translated into English and sent to the network of internal communication contacts who handle the dissemination of this information to individual banks after translating it into the local language.

BoxGroup identity based on values

The project We are Intesa Sanpaolo Group: chi siamo e come vogliamo lavorare insieme (who we are and how we want to work together) is a communication initiative...>>