Protection beyond the legal requirements

The selection of persons belonging to protected categories was carried out with specific consideration by organising a tailor-made event entitled Diversitalavoro, following which the identified individuals were contacted by the Recruitment and Selection Office for a selection interview for inclusion in Group companies, matching skills required under the job profiles with the characteristics and motivations expressed by candidates.
Visually impaired and blind staff were given the opportunity to participate in standard training courses, also in the classrooms, providing them with the necessary support. In particular, for blind switchboard employees in Milan, a pilot language training project was launched to teach and help improve their ability to speak English in order to support daily activities. The Business English Programme pilot course involved 13 people and was held at their place of work.
All blind and visually impaired employees were able to make use of our support technology platform: today about 210 employees are able to independently access their e-mail, surf the web and use the “office automation” products.
Despite the possibility offered by current legislation to suspend the recruitment of members of protected categories, the Bank and the Group’s companies opted to continue recruitments by entering into specific agreements with the Italian Provinces. In particular, in the Province of Milan, cooperation with the Don Gnocchi Foundation, offering services of recruitment, hiring and training in the Company, will be resumed.
The initiative Everybody safe (Tutti al sicuro), a part of the Security and Health (Sicurezza e Salute) initiative, is a project that aims to make all employees aware of the security aspects and problems associated with inclusion in the employment environment of disabled people by promoting and managing a relational approach that takes greater account of the needs of the individual.
Lastly, the training of employees identified as “Disabled persons’ First Aid specialists” and those assigned to “emergency measures” continued with first aid and fire management courses.
CIB Bank partnered with a non-governmental organisation to launch a distance training initiative on equal opportunities for people working in the network and at call centres in order to foster behavioural relationships with customers who have physical and mental disabilities. At the end of the course, a practical manual with clear and timely advice on how to behave in various situations is provided.


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