Products for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

ClientsThe Intesa Sanpaolo Group offers a wide range of financing products for investments in renewable sources and energy efficiency.
The product range is addressed to private customers, SME’s, and the direct financing of large plants, with the aim of responding to the needs of those wishing to invest in energy saving and renewable resources: plants, new technologies, process improvement, feasibility studies.
Since the introduction of the Conto Energia incentive system, the Bank has been paying particular attention to the photovoltaic sector.
All funding for the use of this resource may be covered by the guarantee deriving from loan sales owned by the Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) with regard to Conto Energia. Almost a fifth of all photovoltaic systems that became operational in Italy in 2009 were financed by the Group.
The volumes of loans for renewable energy investments have recorded a constant increase: for SME’s and professionals, in 2009 the Bank provided nearly 250 million euro to (mainly) fund 350 photovoltaic installations, biomass plants and hydroelectric plants, and for energy saving interventions.
Leasint, the Group’s company dedicated to lease transactions, has further refined the product which, since 2007, has been concerned with renewable energy, becoming a point of reference for the whole leasing sector. In 2009 Leasint signed nearly 100 contracts for plants to produce solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass energy for a total funding of nearly 300 million euro.
As for private loans, we granted about 450 personal loans amounting to almost 7 million euro to finance the installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, as well as windows and frames to reduce heat loss, for purchasing energy efficient boilers and appliances, and Euro 4 or Euro 5 hybrid and electric powered cars and ecological motorcycles. The volume of financing for this customer segment dropped compared to 2008, going against the overall trend in green funding. For this reason, the Bank decided to renew its offer to individual customers by improving the product’s technical characteristics to make it more responsive to customers’ needs.
Intesa Sanpaolo also supports its customers through partnership agreements with technically competent entities that are present throughout the territory. The two main active partners currently are Enel.Si and Schüco International Italia.
InterventionsEnel.Si has a network comprising over 450 affiliates throughout Italy, active in the production of photovoltaic and thermal installations. Schüco, thanks to 50 premium installers, is able to offer its customers a complete and  complimentary energy check-up and installation of photovoltaic and thermal plants.
The Bank is expanding its scope of activities to direct financing not only to the end-users, but also to include interventions by the ESCOs (Energy Service Company) that build and maintain the plants.

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Since 2008, the branch network has been supported by the Energy Desk, a specialised department dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy sector, within...>>

Some of the Group’s International Subsidiary Banks also continued to offer services to promote environmental protection. In 2009 Banca Intesa Beograd signed an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to make use of EBRD’s first credit line in Serbia to finance projects of small private businesses to increase energy efficiency and generate energy from renewable sources. Two loans totalling nearly 2.5 million euro were disbursed in 2009. Banka Koper signed a cooperation agreement with the Slovenian Environmental Public Fund under which the Bank finances  environmental investments (households and companies) on behalf of the fund. Lastly, Intesa Sanpaolo Romania offers green loans both to retail customers and to small businesses, particularly in the renewable energy sector, but also in other environmental fields, such as waste management.