The Group is committed to supporting the value of the land, of its products, of farms and traditions, which is why in 2009 it created Agriventure, the Group’s company dedicated to consultancy services for the food farming, agro-industrial and agro-energy industries.
Agriventure supports strategic sector investments and promotes innovative entrepreneurial projects paying particular attention to their being sustainable and to the specific vocations of the different territories. Agriventure also undertakes research and analysis of food chains and coordinated relations with trade institutions and associations. For farms, the Bank offers specific products and, in this sector, in 2009, it granted 1,682 loans totalling some 182 million euro, of which 84% to small farms.
With regard to our subsidiaries, specific products for the agricultural sector have been developed (e.g. in 2009 Privredna Banka Zagreb launched an Agro Card that can be used to make payments in shops specialising in agricultural products). In 2009, Banca Intesa Beograd provided 2,743 loans to farms totalling 15 million euro. The Bank of Albania supports a development programme in the agriculture sector financed by the European Union and managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, financially supporting farmers, investors, small businesses and associations in the agricultural sector with a particular focus on female farmers.
In selecting funded projects, the main criteria taken into consideration are environmental protection and preservation of natural resources.