Research and relations with the world of finance

In-depth knowledge of economic and financial phenomena and of the corporate, industrial and local situations in which the Group operates is fundamental for understanding the trends of the reference markets, identifying their growth potential and contributing to finding direction for the Group’s activities.
Moreover, in a financial and economic crisis such as that suffered since 2007 and the consequent profound changes which the world economic system is undergoing, the need to understand the underlying phenomena, causes, current trends and trends forecast for the future has increased. In times of crisis, the external demand for information and analysis also becomes more widespread, but at the same time more specific.

Our central research structure, the Research Department, acting independently and autonomously from other business units, helps provide a response to the growing demand for analysis through its research into investments, the extensive output of economic studies and participation in economic and financial debate. The Group’s studies and research reports are made available to the public and to the financial community through distribution segmented according to the contents of each publication and to the needs of the end users: corporate and institutional customers, retail customers, the Bank and Group units and the general public. The publications are disseminated through a variety of channels: electronic and traditional mail, targeted mailing lists, the Group’s website, in which a selection of its vast production of Research Service studies is available. Research and relations with the world of financeInstitutional customers may also access Group companies’ websites.
In addition to its own activities, the Group supports and promotes external analysis and research initiatives both through direct cooperation and through economic support, fully aware that relations established with industry associations, other associations, research centres and universities represent fundamental opportunities for exchange and discussion.
The Group also conducts research for the promotion of public initiatives with the aim of stimulating debate on economic and financial issues and, where possible, to offer suggestions to the relevant authorities.
In 2009 the Research Service once again made a scientific contribution to the organisation of a number of major conferences. Specifically, it was once again present - now for over twenty years - in debate on the Italian banking industry, presenting industrial sector analyst reports prepared from our research and through cooperation with Prometeia. The traditional annual meeting with the fashion sector was once again organised, with debate on competition strategies to adopt once the markets crisis is over, as well as the customary autumn conference dedicated to debate on infrastructures for relaunch in the country, the latest edition focusing on tourism as a growth driver. The cooperation begun with the magazine “Economia e Politica Industriale” saw the joint input of Intesa Sanpaolo and the magazine in the organisation of a conference on SME policies.
Lastly, with the aim of improving awareness of current banking and financial system phenomena, also through support provided to academic research, together with Carefin – the applied finance research centre of Bocconi University – the Group organised an international scientific conference on Business Models in Banking. Held in September 2009, this conference was the first of three annual events planned in partnership with the Bocconi research centre.