Shareholders’ Meeting ¹

Meeting convened in 2009
  • Agenda
    In 2009 the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings were held on 30 April.
    The Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting agenda included approval of the proposed allocation of 2008 net income, dividend distribution and the proposed integration of fees payable to the independent auditors. The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting resolved upon amendments to the Articles of Association, amongst other things in relation to the "Supervisory Instructions on the organisation and corporate governance of banks" issued by the Bank of Italy on 4 March 2008.
  • Participation
    The April 2009 Shareholders' Meeting represented 50.5% of ordinary share capital.
Meeting convened in 2010
  • Agenda
    In the first half of 2010 the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was held on 30 April.
  1. Proposal for allocation of net income for financial year ended 31 December 2009 and for dividend distribution;
  2. Determination of the number of Supervisory Board members for financial years 2010/2011/2012;
  3. Appointment of Supervisory Board members for financial years 2010/2011/2012;
  4. Election of the Chairman and Deputy Chairmen of the Supervisory Board for financial years 2010/2011/2012;
  5. Determination of remuneration due to Supervisory Board members;
  6. Policies on remuneration due to Management Board members;
  7. Share-based long term incentive plans.
  • Participation
    The April 2010 Shareholders' Meeting represented 60.0% of ordinary share capital.

1 As far as the main competences for resolving and voting at the Shareholders’ Meeting are concerned, as well as the Shareholders’ profile, see the chapter on “Identity and Governance”, page 31 - 32